The Loopia Group

Loopia Group is an innovative European web services and hosting business with its largest operations in Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Loopia also provides services to customers in Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Serbia and Spain. Our main brands are Loopia, Active24, Websupport and Planeetta. Since June 2018, Loopia Group has been owned by Axcel, a Nordic private equity firm focusing on mid-market companies.

Numbers in brief

Revenue:  500 million SEK
EBITDA: 164 million SEK
Employees: 260
Customers: 550 000

The board

Jacob Aqraou

Chairman of the board

Bob Olson

Board member

Jesper Eiby

Board member

Christian Bamberger

Board member

Thomas Blomqvist

Board member